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The Lion Brewery, Ash

104 Guildford Road, Ash, Surrey, GU12 6BT

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Gigs coming up
Past Gigs
February 2023
Fri 3rd Happy Birthday Lel!
December 2022
Sat 31st
November 2022
Sat 12th
July 2022
Sat 16th
March 2022
Sat 5th
December 2021
Fri 3rd
March 2020
Fri 13th
July 2019
Sat 27th Ashfest!
May 2019
Sun 26th
March 2019
Fri 22nd
December 2018
Mon 31st
October 2018
Fri 5th
July 2018
Sat 21st
October 2017
Sat 14th
August 2017
Sat 19th
July 2017
Fri 21st
June 2017
Sat 17th
March 2017
Fri 17th
February 2017
Fri 24th
December 2016
Sat 17th
July 2016
Sat 30th Ash Music Festival
May 2016
Fri 6th
February 2016
Fri 26th
December 2015
Thu 31st
October 2015
Fri 2nd
August 2015
Fri 28th
July 2015
Sat 25th Ash Music Festival.. it's that time again!
April 2015
Fri 24th
February 2015
Fri 6th
December 2014
Wed 31st
Fri 12th
September 2014
Fri 12th
July 2014
Sat 26th the Ash Music Festival
June 2014
Fri 27th
May 2014
Sun 25th
April 2014
Fri 25th
February 2014
Fri 7th
December 2013
Tue 31st New Years Eve at the brewery. What could possibly go wrong?!
September 2013
Fri 27th
July 2013
Sat 27th An early slot at the festival before dashing off to play a wedding
May 2013
Fri 24th
April 2013
Fri 12th
February 2013
Sat 2nd
January 2013
Sat 5th
December 2012
Sat 1st
November 2012
Fri 16th
September 2012
Sat 8th
June 2012
Sat 23rd
May 2012
Sat 26th
April 2012
Fri 27th
March 2012
Sat 17th
February 2012
Fri 3rd
January 2012
Fri 6th
December 2011
Fri 23rd
November 2011
Sat 5th
September 2011
Sat 3rd
July 2011
Sat 30th Ash Music Festival 2011
May 2011
Fri 20th
March 2011
Fri 4th
January 2011
Sat 15th
December 2010
Fri 31st New Year's Eve !
Fri 10th
November 2010
Fri 12th
October 2010
Sat 30th Halloween Party
Fri 1st
September 2010
Fri 10th
August 2010
Sat 7th
June 2010
Fri 4th
April 2010
Fri 2nd
February 2010
Sat 27th