Stacey Cronin

Lead Vocals

With a unique blend of dynamic strength and melody, Stacey's corset-ripping, powerful vocals have been compared with the likes of Janis Joplin, Tina Turner and Cher. Combining this with her dramatic, raunchy and honest passion, she will certainly leave you wanting more.
Coming from a musical family, Stacey first took to the stage at the age of 12 when it became sure she had that 'something special'.
With a little over 15 years gigging experience, Stacey's talent has been the subject of two television documentaries, and in addition has appeared on BBC TV, ITV and Radio. Other accolades include touring with the BBC Roadshow and more than 1000 live performances to date!

John Lawrence

Lead Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

John can only be described as one Phenomenal Guitarist. With an awesome style and incredible technique, John's spine-tingling playing will certainly leave you star struck. He does not fail to wow audiences week after week.
A talented musician, John first took to the stage as a bass guitarist and is equally as comfortable behind drums... but without doubt, his place is Rocking the Lead Guitar.
With 25 years live gigging experience, John has toured all over the world with other established and well known bands and has used that invaluable experience to hone what has become his own amazing style.
During a gig, John was recently described as Gary Moore, Hendrix and May all rolled into one.

Gar Lando


Table Footie playing, football kicking drummist Gar Lando is the clock that keeps the band in time, and if we're lucky, on time! He was self taught as a teenager after being inspired by The Police (the band), and with only occasional practice related noise abatement visits from The Police (not the band).
Since then he's gigged around doing everything from Rock 'n Rollin' the fifties to funkin' it up big time in a fully brassed up Funk band.
Fate intervened and now his rhythm of life is Rocking Classics with Asylum Affair!

Darren Redick

Bass, Backing Vocals

Darren is our token American in the band. He’s a big fan of Rush and hopes to someday join that band. Damn that Geddy Lee!

Mark Wilkinson

Keyboards & Sax

Mark 'Wilko' Wilkinson - a talent not to be missed, he brings an enchanting and sultry side to the band with his phenomenal tones and effects and his skills in arranging and technical programming along with his musical knowledge match his talent as an incredible musician.
Demonstrating an impressive and versatile style, you can catch Wilko doing everything from festivals to pub gigs up and down the country; with Asylum Affair or a heavy metal band or a Pink Floyd tribute band; to recording anything from bands to classical ensembles in studio or live. Now that's what you call versatility!
But where he is best is playing his favourite classic rock covers with Asylum Affair!